Daniel Abbes

Actor-New York

Daniel Abbes

Daniel Abbes

Trading in the serenity of the Oregon forest, Daniel Abbes is an actor currently based in New York.

Dan has been an actor all his life and credits his deeply emotional connection to the work to his parents, who forced him to read and act out the entirety of Titus Andronicus when he was three ;).

Back in his “heyday” Dan studied, trained and somehow charmed a BFA in Acting out of Boston University as well as a certificate in Classical Acting from LAMDA.
Dan has recently co-founded The Itch, an up and coming New York theater company which had its inaugural production of Red Light Winter at The TheaterlabNYC.

With a love for storytelling, getting into mischief and exploring the intense depth of life, Dan has found his way into absurdist roles like Berenger in Rhinoceros, Shakespearean anti-heroes such as Macbeth and beautifully cathartic characters as Prior Walter in Angels In America.

Dan is eager to work with anyone who shares a stellar sense of humor, a steadfast work ethic, and an eye for beauty and intellect.

Recent Productions Daniel was part of:

Red Light Winter 

 by Adam Rapp, produced by The Itch

“Matt and Davis are burgeoning, literary intellectuals off on a wild, dreamlike romp around Amsterdam. Well, at least Davis is. Matt is suicidal and ruining Davis’s trip. So Davis hires Christina, a (definitely) gorgeous, (presumably) French prostitute to cheer up his friend. After their encounter, Matt falls hard for Christina, who has in turn fallen hard for Davis. Red Light Winter is an intimate, delicate window into the way delusions shape our truth and what we can glean from these ‘slightly refracted parallel realities.’

July 7-10 @TheaterlabNYC. 


by Marlo Abril-Virña

Malcolm Manalo has wanted to write a comic book since he was able to dream, but his mental health and self-sabotaging ways have always gotten in the way. When an artist moves to the small town of Twin Falls (where the dicks are small but the personalities are big) ,Malcolm begins working his way out of the funk he has been stuck in. With that small spark of change, Malcolm becomes set on a path of impulsive decisions like flushing his meds down the toilet, dropping out of college, moving out of his Asian parents’ house, and asking the newest citizen of TwinFalls, Parker Kay, to be the artist for his comic book, ‘ManicMan!’ Meanwhile, his small-town friends Jasmine and Jay Bumpus make sure that all the pieces come together in the end.

Expected release Winter 2022 via OTV